Friday feelings…..

I’m trying to be positive, by reminding myself that later this year we will be back in Greece in the fabulous sunshine.


I’m feeling a bit grumpy today, mainly due to the dreadful weather.   It’s been raining for the last four days, and today is particularly bad with 100% chance of rain all day.  I’m sat here wondering what I can do with myself…….

I can’t go out for a walk,


I can’t do any gardening.


I can’t go for a wander around the shops.  The weather is just too vile!

My husband who is also known as the Man In Red Boiler Suit, is continuing his quest to renovate our kitchen.  He won’t let me help, so I’m keeping out of the way.  I occasionally get called to lift a very heavy worktop, or move the free-standing cooker.  It’s a good job I’m strong, and not a skinny minny supermodel!


I just can’t motivste myself to do anything.  I could do some writing – I’m thinking of taking part in the April A to Z challenge where I have to write a blog post every day starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet – I could certainly get ahead with that!

I could try my hand at writing a short story, write something for a flash fiction competition, or make notes for the book that is in my head but not on paper yet.

I could tidy up my sewing space in the spare room.  Or do some knitting.

It will be lunch time soon, so I’d better not start anything until later…..

How do you motivate yourself when you don’t feel like doing anything?

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