Six stunning sunsets…..

Sunrise/sunset is the topic for the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge.  

This is an ideal topic for me, as I seem to spend a lot of my time taking photos of stunning sunsets when we are in a Greece for the summer.  They are always different from each other, and I never tire of experiencing them.  Here are some of my favourite photos….

My first photo was taken when we explored the Acheron river, near Parga, Greece.  This is a very interesting location, as it is a tributary of the legendary river Styx….


The photo below was taken on an anchorage on the island of Kalamos, in the Ionian.


We now jump to a different part of Greece, the Argo Saronic Gulf, south of Athens.  We anchored just behind this little island in the Poros lagoon.  The sunset so hefe are really stunning……


I am now taking you on a trip to the southern tip of Italy.   The following sunrise photo was taken when we sailed east from the ‘heel’ of Italy to Corfu, which can be seen on the horizon as the sun is rising.   I was lucky enough to have this photo featured as a double page spread in a U.K. Sailing magazine a few years ago.


Back to Greece  now, and the following photo was taken as the sun set  in Vonitsa, in the Ionian Sea.


And finally, also in the Ionian, another sunset at an anchorage somewhere off the coast of Corfu……


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