How is the A to Z challenge going for you?

How are you getting on with the April A to Z challenge?

I know it’s only been two days, but I’m sure, like me, you’ve been keeping an eye on your stats.  You know the sort of thing – how many views, likes and comments have you had for your A and B posts?  Any new followers?


My actual first post for ‘A’ was about Artemis, our boat cat.  Read it here.  It attracted a handful of views and comments, several of which were from friends who saw my link on Facebook.   I gained a couple of new followers, and by the evening I was quite pleased with how things had gone. Things were never going to go viral…..    I had a look at some of the ‘A’ posts from other bloggers, and left comments, then I scheduled my ‘B’ post.


Feeling quite pleased with myself, I’ve actually written posts for C and D too.  Do you have any tips of how I could do better?  Am I writing too much?  Not attracting anyone’s attention?  Need a better catchy title?   I’ll keep going, it’s a fun thing to do!



17 thoughts on “How is the A to Z challenge going for you?

  1. Thanks for the wake up call…..I completely forgot to mention in my posts that each day is part of the A2Z challenge. I just listed them by “C” is for Chai, “D” is for Darjeeling, etc. I’ll go back and add the reference. Probably a good idea to let folks know what I’m up to. Silly me!

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  2. I did look at my stats – only by default tho because it is the page that opens when I try to go to the old editor.
    My stats are down…
    but I don’t mind because I really try to blog from my heart and just have to brush off that stat thing – you know?? But I do love viewers, comments, followers, etc. – ahhh so fun.

    and my a to z is sorta going okay. I actually do not like it right now – mainly because of the theme I picked. I have been wanting to write about some health topics (remember when I mentioned that) but now i know why I have not done so – my points can be stirring sometimes. hmmmm

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    • I don’t care much about the stats either, but it’s always nice to get comments and feedback. So thank you so much for joining in! I find I get a lot of views for some posts but hardly any likes. Maybe there should be an unlike button….

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      • Hi – well I think the views without the likes or comments show an important side of blogging. Many people read but do not want to interact. I do not think it is bad thing – I know some folks might – but it is kind of how it goes – or some folks are not logged in (happens to me a lot) and so you cannot like or leave a comment –
        and I sometimes overlook the likes and really just pay attention to comments, because they are usually so warm and personal – and I do not even mind generic comments – Like :”nice post: – ha

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      • I did not know you had to be logged in to comment or ‘like’. Yes, any comment is a welcome comment, at least it shows they’ve read it. If you find posts via the Reader you can ‘like’ without opening the post. I admit to occasionally doing this….

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      • yes – i have done that with the reader too – and it did come back to bite me once because I kind of did not like the post and something else unfolded – lol – but that is rare. And I stopped doing it because I also would rather visit and leave a comment. I dunno – I guess it works easier with photo posts – eh?
        but I like how you value you any comment.
        I once heard someone bitch and gripe about generic comments – like “nice” –
        but you know, some times it is very tough to think of feedback – or it is tough to go from reading and soaking up a good post – and then moving into reflective criticism or commenting. Guess it depends on the post and the mood of everyone – and this is getting way too long –
        have a good day and TTYS

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