The Dreaded Dinghy…..

For day 4 in the A to Z challenge the letter is D.  As my theme is ‘Sailing in Greece’, today I am writing about an item that every large sailing yacht will have – a dinghy.


The dinghy.  This large, rubbery boat shaped object is the bane of my sailing life. When we are actually sailing, the dinghy has to be manually pulled aboard over the bow, tied down and stored on the foredeck.    This is extremely difficult to do, you have no idea!  Then we have to unleash it and put it back in the wáter again when we need to use it.   Sometimes we do tow it behind us if it is calm and we are motoring.


I really hate having to climb down into the dinghy when we need to get in it.  I’m used to it now, but it’s still not easy to do.  You really need two people – to hold the dinghy steady, and pass down your shoes, bags, oars, dinghy pump, torch, and other items you need to take.  If it’s s little bit rough, you are going to get a bit wet, so you can’t wear nice clothes or shoes.


We need the dinghy to get ashore when we are at anchor.  It’s lovely being at anchor, away from the harbour hustle and bustle, but after a short while I feel as though I’ve got cabin fever and just need to get off the boat.  The dinghy would allow me to escape!   But I’m so fearful of it, I don’t want to handle it by myself.  I’m not confident.  You have the choice of rowing ashore if it is just a short distance, or using the outboard motor.


I can do neither.  I much prefer my husband to be in charge and operate the oars or the motor.   I’m fact, he has always insisted on doing this.  In the very beginning of my boat life, when I knew nothing, he was being helpful and would operate the dinghy for me.  I’ve obviously had a few goes at rowing, but the husband tends not to give me a chance,  or gets frustrated when I’m not doing it properly, so he takes over, and I’m relieved!   He also prefers to be in charge of the outboard motor.  It’s a tempermental beast, and needs careful coaxing to get it to operate efficiently, and I’d rather leave it to him.   I just don’t want anything to do with that wretched outboard.


So I’ve made a rod for my own back really, and now I always depend on the husband to get me ashore.   I’m afraid that if I take the dinghy ashore by myself, along with the motor, it might not start on the way back then I would be stranded, and this causes me anxiety.   So basically I avoid going in the dinghy if at all possible…….. the only redeeming feature of the dreaded dinghy is that it’s quite good for sunbathing on, when it’s stored on the foredeck……


We used to have a cat living on board with us.  Read about her in yesterday’s post here.  Even our cat liked the dinghy more than me!


Artemis waiting for a ride ashore


Artemis going ashore in the dinghy, with guests…

Come back tomorrow and find out about the enchanting island of Evia ……

23 thoughts on “The Dreaded Dinghy…..

  1. Hi Georgie. How lovely to discover your blog via a Helen Yendall. My husband and I Holiday now in Greece every year and love it so I can’t wait to read more. This your it will be Meganissi 😀


  2. Thanks, I have not thought about using a dinghy, now I have read your post, I agree with everything you said, but I still think no one would get me on it, I would fall off into the water for sure.
    Enjoy ready your posts, have a nice day.

    Liked by 2 people

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