Black and white challenge…

Cee’s black and white challenge has the topic of cars, trucks and motorcycles this week.  I think some photos look amazing in black and white……

Here are two motorcycles I saw parked on the street near Cambridge…


Next, here’s one of the famous Lisbon trams……


Lisbon tram

The photo below shows an old Greek truck.  It drove round the village selling bunches of herbs.  It smelt lovely!


Truck selling herbs

Also in Greece, here’s a photo of the large tractor which pulls the boats into the boatyard when they have been lifted out of the water.  It’s our yacht on the trailer.  Read about our yacht Fandancer  in the April A to Z challenge .


As Fandancer is currently in a boatyard in Greece, we are back in the U.K. and living on the Isle of Wight.  The island has a train service which uses old stock from London Underground trains.  Here’s one of the trains…..


IOW train

…….and finally, here’s an original black and white photo of my father riding a motorbike.  I think it must have been taken in the early 1950s.


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