G for Greek Gyros – the A to Z challenge

G is for Gyros……

One of my favourite Greek fast foods is a Gyros.


A Gyros is made of meat cooked on a vertical spit, either lamb, chicken or pork. It is wrapped in a pitta flatbread with onion, tomato and tzatziki sauce. If you have it as a takeaway, it will be wrapped in greaseproof paper, and you can eat it with your fingers. They are very cheap, just a couple of euros.


‘Gyros’ means ‘turn’ – representing the turning of the rotisserie.  You can find these fast food outlets in most Greek towns. Have you ever had a Gyros?

Here’s a recipe to make your own at home.

Tomorrow in the A to Z challenge it’s letter ‘H’.     Come back and see what it will be…..



8 thoughts on “G for Greek Gyros – the A to Z challenge

  1. There’s this little ‘hole in the wall’ type restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee where I had the most amazing Gyros ever! The owner was definitely from the Mediterranean and knew how to make authentic foods from the area. I begged him to move to Missouri lol I’ll check your recipe out for sure!

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  2. Gyros are great but I wouldn’t trade a plate of pastitso for it. Follow it up with some galactobourico for dessert and you’re set!
    My second choice would be keftedes but it’s difficult to find places in my area that makes them correctly.

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