Why some blogs annoy me…..

Having decided to try to gain knowledge about how to get people to leave more  comments on my blog, I typed into the reader “why comments are important”.  To my surprise there were dozens and dozens of blog posts written on this subject.


One regular and helpful blogger who has written a really good list for new bloggers is Hugh Roberts.  Do have a look at his post headed 27 harsh facts every new blogger should know , which includes such truths as ….only 20% of your followers will probably ever read and comment on some of your blog posts.  I also learnt that just because somebody ‘liked’ your blog post, does not mean they read it, and just because somebody left a comment on your blog post, does not mean they read it.


The Snow Melts Somewhere wrote a really good post about being confused by blogging, and had 161 comments.

Just Naya has written a very helpful post headed blogging tips and tricks. She had 243 comments on that post!   I’m amazed at the number of comments that some posts receive!


I do find it annoying when you want to comment on a post, but there is no obvious way to do it!  Others have left comments on a post, but I don’t want to scroll down to the end of 100 comments or more, just to get to the comment box!  I want to see that little sentence which says ‘comment on this post’, like Hugh has on his blog – see above.


I also find it annoying if it is difficult to find information about the blogger.  Before I decide to follow them back, I want to know a bit about them.  And I definitely don’t subscribe to the ‘if you follow me, I’ll follow you back’ mentality.

I also tend not to read a whole post if it is very long, and there are no photos to break up the text.   Blogs aren’t books!  I don’t want to scroll down through masses of words, especially if they are not even broken up into paragraphs.


What annoys you when you read other people’s blog posts? Refer to my blog if you like, I’m not easily offended!


20 thoughts on “Why some blogs annoy me…..

  1. I can not abide the “follow me” requests and when you visit they have ONE entry on the first and ONLY page..no about me section, no links to something interesting pages…grrrrrrrrrr
    I intensely dislike the oh so sappy, angst-filled poetry filled with melodrama. The 47 page single spaced entries drive me mad…split those suckers up and add a fricking color or pic to break it up! Sorry, was going to answer with a brief, yet erudite response….and ya got a rant instead! 😛

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  2. Like you – I don’t comment if it is difficult to do so, and I like to find out about someone before following them. Some blogs make it very difficult to find the ‘about me’ page…

    I read blogs to see interesting places and things that people are doing – there is enough bad news out there, so I am looking for basically happy stories/endeavors.

    Good luck & keep up the great work! 🙂

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  3. Other blogs don’t annoy me 🙂 but if the first few lines do not interest me I just don’t go on. I don’t like very long blogs. I do not try to read too many blogs in a day and I usually leave a comment to the ones which I read. In just photo blogs I press the like button. I follow many but it just not possible to read all of them. But blogging is fun.

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  4. Aside from the annoyances you’ve already mentioned, I would say that the things that annoy me are colors and/or fonts which are difficult to read. For instance, one blog that I enjoy has a black background and tiny white font – IF she posted more than once a month, I probably wouldn’t put the effort into reading it.
    I also follow a lot of pet blogs where they try to write cutsy words – I don’t mind using a few of those, but when half the words are misspelled to be cute, I find it more difficult to read than a foreign language, and thus, I often don’t bother to invest the time.

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  5. Interesting post!

    Thanks for reading my post and for the mention. Your blog was already open in my browser before I got the pingback, I was planning on reading some of your posts when I got a moment 😊I’m actually quite surprised about the amount of comments my post received. (Putting the commenting box above the comments isn’t an option in my free theme, otherwise that’s a great idea).

    As for blogs I follow, I don’t get annoyed at them but I always wonder why some bloggers don’t get rid of the example widgets that say “ipsum lorem…” and “this is an example of a widget”! Haven’t these people ever looked at their own blog online? And then there are the ones where you follow the profile link to the blog and land on an intro page from where there are no internal links, no way to navigate to any of the actual posts! I migh tlike to read something, but I can’t find it!

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  6. Yes, I always find that very annoying! But I believe it depends what the theme’ of your blog design is, someone mentioned that some designs don’t let you have a choice…..


  7. Hi Georgie, thanks so much for mentioning and linking back to my recent post ’27 Harsh facts About Blogging.’ I’m glad you found the post useful. It’s certainly generated a lot of comments.

    There are quite a few things which annoy me about blogging, including bloggers who don’t respond to comments left on their posts or ‘about me’ page. The first one is gifs. They really distract me when I am reading posts and I often give up and stop reading the post, especially when there is more than one gif embedded in a post. The second one is popups that appear every time you open a blog post. I don’t mind closing them down once, but when they keep popping up on the screen, then it’s a sure way for me to stop following a blog.

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