M for marvellous Mongonisi….

The A to Z challenge has reached Day 13 – the half way mark.   I’m surprised I’m still going!  A bit late posting today, as I’ve had s glorious time with my grandsons in Southsea.  We went to the play park, fed the swans, walked to the pier, had fish and chips for lunch, played on the arcade games, had an ice cream, then threw stones into the sea.  What could be better than that!   Back to it – M is for …….

Mongonisi – a wonderful bay on the southern tip of the island of Paxos.  I’m not going to tell you much about it, I don’t want everyone going there!  But make sure you don’t confuse it with Meganissi.  Meganissi is a small island in the southern Ionian, not far from Kefalonia.  Whereas Mongonisi is a different place, on the island of Paxos, not far from Corfu….


It looks like an island, and theoretically it may be, but it is just a rocky ravine which divides it from the rest of Paxos.



Fandancer moored in the bay at Mongonisi.

Sometimes, Fandancer has been the only yacht moored on the quay.


Yachts moored on the quay

Mongonisi is popular with sailing flotillas, and the quay quickly fills up.


Iced coffee by the beach

There is a fabulous sandy beach at Mongonisi, with the restaurant tables close to the water.


Boat artefacts 

The restaurant has collected a huge display of ropes, anchors and fenders left behind by visiting yachts, or collected from the seabed.

If you care to stretch you legs and drag yourself away from the beach, you can find an an ancient basilica hidden in the trees a short distance away.


We were lucky enough to spot a hare in the grounds of a ruined house nearby…..


We  will definitely return to lovely Mongonisi again this year.  If we moor on the quay, we don’t have to use the dreaded dinghy to go ashore……



Read more about our previous visits to Mongonisi here.

7 thoughts on “M for marvellous Mongonisi….

  1. Suze you would absolutely love it. Isn’t the Durrells TV prog fab? In last week’s episode we recognised some of the places where several scenes were filmed. When we were there last year, they were asking for extras to be in the cricket match scene, filmed at the Liston in Corfu town. We,be also been to the White House in Kalami where Lawrence Durrell lived as an adult, it’s now a posh restaurant. We didn’t eat there, husband too mean, we just looked round…..

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