This little Greek Island is full of goats! – L for Levitha.

A to Z challenge

Half way between Amorgos and Kalymnos in the Aegean Sea, is the tiny Greek island of Levitha.  It is mostly cruising sailors who know this island, as it is a good ‘bolt hole’ if the weather is bad, as the various bays offer excellent shelter from high winds of any direction.


Apparently, the island is only occupied by one family who look after a goat farm of 900 goats, and also run a small taverna at their farmhouse. They have put a dozen mooring buoys in the bay for yachtsmen, and charge seven euro a night for the privilege. We took the dreaded dinghy ashore and walked the short distance up the hill to the farm taverna. There were goats everywhere! Mostly small ones which presumably escaped the Easter cull, when everyone in Greece roasts goat on the spit.


Our yacht Fandancer moored in Levitha

There were about half a dozen tables in the farmhouse courtyard, beautifully decorated with shady awnings, and displayed on the walls were artefacts they had fished from the sea, such as parts of ancient amphorae jugs, and some huge sea shells.



The meal was very simple but delicious. We had a Greek salad, saganaki (fried cheese) then we chose the goat stew in tomato and garlic sauce, which was extremely tasty. I thought I would be squeamish about eating goat, like I am with bunnies, but it was amazing. It was a good job we took torches, as our walk back was through the unlit stony fields and you could easily get lost and the goats weren’t much help.


The next morning we left tiny Levitha behind, and headed to Leros……Have you ever woken to the sound of hundreds of goat bells tinkling at dawn? A terrific start to the day. Lots of small goats came running down the rocks and along the rocky shore before disappearing into the scrubby bushes…..

Come back tomorrow and find something beginning with M……

13 thoughts on “This little Greek Island is full of goats! – L for Levitha.

  1. I’m not sure I could eat goat with my meal’s family members wandering around! I have only had goat once, and it was a Caribbean curried dish. So delicious, but I was far from the farm. Isn’t that how we are, now? Safely separated from our food.

    This sort of out-of-the way place is what I like to stumble upon. Looks like a lovely excursion.


  2. Georgie, I love the sound of an island over-run by goats in theory but not sure about in practice. My inlaws used to sell goats milk and had quite a herd. They were gorgeous.
    Best wishes,

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  4. Goat is my favorite meat and I’m looking for a small island to spend some time on and where goat’s on taverna menus. This island has the goats but not much else. Any suggestions?


  5. thanks for finding my my little blog. In Greece, goat meat is often reserved for the Easter festivities and does not appear on tourist menus very much. however, we have found it in harbourside tavernas in Skopelos and Alonissos in the Sporades islands. these are both wonderful places to visit, with amazing hill villages.


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