Panoramas of Greece

One Word Photo Challenge – Panorama

I enjoy these weekly photo challenges as you can interpret the prompts in many ways.  To me, ‘Panorama’ implies a lovely view, often taken from above. So that’s what I’ve found for you, some photos taken from a viewpoint.

The first photo was taken from the clock tower, sat on the highest point in the town of Poros, in the Argo- Saronic.


Poros panorama

Another P – this time it’s the view from the castle at Parga…..


Parga panorama

Also in the Ionian a rather cloudy sky in a Panorama over Kioni harbour, Ithaca.


Panorama of Kioni harbour

Another island – this time it’s Paxos, with a panorama of Loggos harbour.



Finally, a panorama taken from the island of Kalamos, looking over to the Ionian mainland.


Have you got some panoramas to show us? Why not join in with this challenge!

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