T is for Trikeri – a magical island

Trikeri is a tiny Greek island in the Gulf of Volos, at the very end of the Pelion peninsula.  It is becoming a popular sailing area, as it is close to the islands of  Evia  to the south, and Skiathos to the east.  After our yacht Fandancer  was launched from the boatyard on Evia after the winter, we had a wonderful trip around the gulf of Volos, and Trikeri island was a very memorable place.


Fandancer moored near the old water barge at Trikeri




An ancient olive press


There are just a couple of seasonal tavernas here, specialising in seafood.  We found octopus drying in a cage, presumable to keep off the flies, and the cats!


Waterside buildings at Trikeri 


There are no cars on this tiny island.  The empty rubbish bins are taken back to the houses by mule!


Trikeri bin mules

We saw the old priest fishing from the quay, while waiting for his boat…..



During the Greek civil war (1946-1949), Trikeri Island was used as an internment camp for woman suspected of communist sympathies. Some 5000 women were detained here,  many with children.  Conditions were very bad, there was little food and water, and many died from typhus, tuberculosis and dysentery.


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