How to make your blog photos even better….. review of the Typcas app.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my blog posts better, and a few weeks ago I was pleased to find a really useful blog post on Hugh’s Views and News telling us about Typcas – an app which adds typography to your photos. After answering a simple question set by Hugh in his post, I became a ‘winner’ of a free redemption code so I could try the app for free…..


Today I’ve been having fun exploring this new app, which really does give you lots of options for adding text and stickers to your own photos, or ones you can choose from within the app.


There is even an option to choose random quotes, like I’ve done above.

You can manipulate the text, change the size or rotate it.  The text really adds a lot more interest to your photos.  Here’s a stock photo, to which I’ve added text….


And here’s one of my own photos, with added text…..


I think I will be making good use of this app to help to enhance my blog posts!

You can change your image size to suit many social media pages, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

The only minor initial problem I had, was finding the app from the App Store when accessing it from my IPad.   It was easy to find from my Iphone, but I had to Google the app from my IPad and access it that way, but it then installed quickly.  Here is the icon to look for…..


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

13 thoughts on “How to make your blog photos even better….. review of the Typcas app.

  1. For on the computer, theres also a great website called Canva. Perfect for chosing the right sizes for different social media and plenty of ways to add text, styles and other photos 🙂

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