Why is Washing Worrysome?

W for Washing in the A to Z challenge

Why am I writing about washing, I hear you ask?  I thought the theme was ‘Sailing in Greece’? Yes it is, but as we liveaboard our yacht Fandancer   for six months every year, the washing of items is something which needs to be done regularly. 


I don’t mind washing small items in a bucket, like underwear, shorts, tee shirts etc.  I usually do this every day or two.   But I draw the line at bigger items like towels and bedding.  A clean fluffy towel is the best thing ever, and the smell of freshly-laundered sheets is heaven!    


First, find yourself a bucket……

But I’m not going to ‘squeeze them through in a bucket‘ which is how my husband thinks they are done.  His idea of washing anything is to put the items in a bucket, add six grains of washing powder, add just enough water to cover them.  Then leave them to soak for an amount of time which is determined by how long it takes him to remember about them, often several days. So I do not let him interfere with the washing.  I prefer to find a laundry!   


So every week or so, ideally once a fortnight at most, I have to search for a self-service laundry or a laundry where you can leave washing and they will do it for you.  I’ve walked round Greek towns for hours in search of a laundry.  To me, whatever it costs, it is worth it.  To my husband, spending ten or fifteen euros for a bagful of washing is sheer extravagance.   


Nothing better than a clea, fresh-smelling pile of laundry!

I’ve got to know where the laundries are, but often they weren’t easy to find in the first place. When we were in Lakka, on Paxos, the lady in the travel agents gave me directions to the laundry – “walk up the road past the rubbish bins until you come to the green gates…..”.   My first attempt at finding the laundry failed, I simply did not walk far enough up the road, but eventually I found it.


Sign at the boatyard laundry…..

I often ask for the washing to be returned ‘not dried’, as I can easily put up some lines on the foredeck and hang it out to dry, rather than paying another five euros for them to do it.   The sun is so hot, that things dry very quickly.   I don’t much like having the washing draped all over the boat, it looks like some gypsy encampment!


It is possible to have a washing machine on a yacht, and we have several friends who have this luxury.  But it would not work for us.  Firstly, we do not have a space anywhere on board for a machine, we do not have the onboard electrical power needed for a machine, and it would use up a lot of our valuable water.  I’m also concerned about all the dirty water going back into the sea!   We could call into a marina and plug into their electricity and water, but that’s not our style.  If we went into a marina, we could just use their own machines supplied for customers!   

So I’ll continue complaining about doing the washing, and I’ll keep adding to my map I’m making of where in Greece you can find laundry facilities…….

I’m a bit worried about X tomorrow, any ideas?

11 thoughts on “Why is Washing Worrysome?

  1. Wow – you are truly amazing! I understand to a point about doing washing in a bucket as we do the same when caravanning in the bush – and like you I WILL FIND A LAUNDRY if there is one! In Kruger National Park the camps have coin-op laundries. R20 for a big load – wash and dry – that would less than €2,00 When I was staying in a hotel in Italy I refused to pay the high laundry prices and horror of horrors washed our clothes in the bath!


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