X – how many words start with X?

Thanks to the fabulous attic sister who gave me the idea for my contribution in the A to Z challenge.  Do go and look at her blog, it’s full of lots of snippets of life on a ranch, antiques, animals, writing and photography.  She has a vast knowledge of all things Greek and has been a loyal follower of my recent posts about Greece.  She suggested a word for me starting with ‘X’ ……. Xanthos!

So I did some research…..

Xanthos was one of two immortal horses which Poseidon gave Peleus at his wedding to the goddess Thetis.  The horses drew the chariot of the couple’s son, Achilles, during the Trojan War.


But lets get a bit more focussed.  Xanthos is also the Greek word for ‘yellow’.  So I’ve chosen some ‘yellow’ photos relating to our journeys around the Greek Islands.


Yellow mooring bollard

Here’s a pretty yellow building I found in Skiathos town…..


And another yellow building in Lakka, on the island of Paxos which is actually part of a taverna…..


Here’s the dreaded dinghy with a yellow seat cover. And who’s that in the dinghy? It’s Artemis our boat cat!


Time to go, but let’s have a drink first – a pint of cold (yellow) lager!


Yammas!   I’m hoping I can find an interesting Y word for tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “X – how many words start with X?

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  2. Do you remember Janet Randall at school? Her parents bought that fabulous show jumper Xanthos for her from Anneli Drummond-Hay. Lucky girl! He was a chestnut of course. They competed at top level including The Horse of the Year Show etc.

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