The difference between men and women – No.1 : shopping


I know some ladies don’t like shopping, but I’m afraid I do enjoy it.  I also like window shopping where I just look at all the goodies on offer, without necessarily buying anything…….


That’s one of the things I miss most while we are sailing in Greece – no four floor department stores, no 24 hour supermarkets – at least where we have been.  I’m sure you are going to tell me that they do exist in Greece, but they’re certainly few and far between in the little harbour villages we mostly go to….

Anyway, I digress.  Today the husband decided to bite the bullet and open his wallet to buy some new sandals prior to returning to Greece….


How the husband goes shopping for sandals – he looks online for the type of sandal he likes at the cheapest price, in the one shop he knows might sell them, namely Matalan.  He is about to order them online, but after much persuasion I get him to agree to actually go to the shop to see if they fit properly, as he has weird feet.  We drive to the shop, he goes in, finds the shoe department, finds the sandals in his size, tries on one sandal only, under no circumstances will he try on both, as he says if one fits then the other will certainly fit, he pays for them, leaves the shop, we drive home.


How I go shopping for sandals…… firstly I never buy shoes online as I need to see them in real life as you cannot tell the quality, colour or fit from a photo.  I visit all the shops in town that I know sell sandals.  I like to touch them, inspect them, occasionally try them on.  This may take several hours, or the whole day.  I may return to previously visited shops to help me decide.  I may leave town empty handed if I do not find anything suitable.  Eventually I will find the perfect pair, but it may take many many hours of searching….. 

Do you like shopping?  Here’s my previous blog post about shopping in Greece.

6 thoughts on “The difference between men and women – No.1 : shopping

  1. I absolutely adore open air markets..the sort you can find all over the med…I hate with a fiery passion going shopping in stores. I would rather take my chances with online shopping.

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  2. outdoor markets are such a delight – a real adventure.
    Although I used to search stores for the perfect show/sandal, these days I know what brands I like – and their quirks of sizing – and opt to order on line – even if it takes a return to get the right size.


  3. I know what you mean about shopping for shoes. It’s difficult online as you never really know about the quality and the fit, and yet to go to the shops, which I prefer to do, as you do, it can take a long time. Lucky husband to find a pair he likes so quickly! I love the way you write. So descriptive and entertaining!


  4. I’ve only ever bought shoes on line once. They were a pair of Birkenstocks going cheap on eBay and as seemingly everyone says how comfortable they are it seemed worth the risk. Turns out my feet don’t line up with the moulding on Birkenstocks. Agony.


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