Where do I come from? Nowhere and everywhere…..

When you are asked “where do you come from?” how easy is it for you to answer?  

Most people can claim to have roots in one particular town in one particular country, with many family members still living in one area.  For me, that’s an almost impossible question – I don’t come from anywhere in particular…..


I was born abroad, on the island of Malta, where my father was stationed in the RAF.  In my life, I’ve lived in 43 houses and lived in 5 different countries, as well as visiting many more.  At the present time, I live in two places!  In the winter, I live on the lovely Isle of Wight, UK, and in the summer I live on our yacht which we keep in Greece.  So to answer the question set by the photo challenge, I’m going to show you some photos of my life in the Greek Islands….


Evening aboard Fandancer


In the French canals, on our way to Greece….


In the above photo, Fandancer is anchored in a bay on the island of Meganissi.  Guests are climbing into the dreaded dinghy – I really dislike everything about the dinghy…..

No dinghy needed in the next photo.  Moored on the quay in Lakka, Paxos.


Next, one of our favourite tavernas, at Mitikas


Next, here’s Fandancer anchored in Garitsa Bay, below the old fort, Corfu town.


Next, we’re off to the other side of Greece – this is Skiathos, looking down from the hill above the old town…..


Here’s a good photo of Fandancer moored on the lovely island of Kalamos


My home for the summer…… it’s not all fun – I very much dislike washing clothes in a bucket…..


Where do you belong? I’d love to hear where you are from……

In the hustle and bustle of a big city or amongst friendly faces in a small town? For this week’s photo challenge , show us your place in the world.

23 thoughts on “Where do I come from? Nowhere and everywhere…..

  1. I would definitely not like washing clothes in a bucket – come to think of it, I’m not sure I would want to live on a boat – but the lifestyle!! That’s a different story … and your pictures tell it beautifully!

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  4. Little Anna sounds intriguing. I travelled with Flat Ruthie a time or two. 🙂 🙂 43 is a heck of a lot of houses, Georgie. I’m quietly envious because you are probably living my dream life, bucket and all. 🙂 Greece looks so alluring and I do miss it sometimes.

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  5. Being from chilly West Yorkshire, and having all my roots from there, I am very grounded in my home. But I am not very well traveled, so seeing all your Greek photos regularly brings me bits of sunshine (albeit a bit delayed).


  6. I grew up in a small seaside village called Fish Hoek. My paternal grandparents settled there in the 1920s. They had a corner Greek cafe. I was surrounded by family and everybody knew each other. Fish Hoek is no longer small. I left there 3 years ago to retire to another small fishing town 250km away and love it.
    I also love to travel. Caravanning is sailing on land😂

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