Are there skeletons inside? What Pegman Saw in the castle.

What Pegman Saw is one of my favourite weekend challenges. If you like writing flash fiction, have a look at this site!  In case you didn’t know, Pegman is the little yellow man who appears on google maps when you want to explore a location.  Each Saturday he lands in a different place, which could be anywhere in the world, and the task is to write 150 words about a photo from that location .  This week he is at Caernarfon Castle, in Wales.  Here’s my entry……



It’s tough being three. I wish I was six like my sister.  But imagine being 30 like my mum! Or like this strange old woman who has insisted on holding my hand. One minute I was climbing the steps to look at the suits of armour, and the next thing I knew was that she grabbed me and marched me back down. Where’s my mum gone? Oh well, at least the stranger gave me chocolate. She’s walking very fast and squeezing my hand too tight. I really want to look at those suits of armour to see if there’s a skeleton inside……

“Emily! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” It was my mum. “You mustn’t wander off like that!” Mum picked me up and cuddled me tightly. “Thank you so much for bringing her back!”

“That’s OK” said the stranger. “The Lost Children office is always happy to help……”



15 thoughts on “Are there skeletons inside? What Pegman Saw in the castle.

    • Thank you for kind comments. I’ve read all the other entries. Which are superb. My little effort seems very insignificant. I am determined to do more writing, maybe practice makes perfect!


      • Aw, everyone is their own worst critic. Just keep on writing. One of the best thing about committing to a weekly challenge is that it forces you to become creative even when you don’t feel like it. The results can be surprising!

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  1. Oh! I too thought the child was being kidnapped! What a delightfully happy ending. I love that the child was wondering if there were skeletons inside! That’s EXACTLY what one would do.


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