Kitchen disaster…..

Let me ask you a question…  What is your biggest kitchen disaster?

I’m sure the question is supposed to relate to culinary catastrophes, but I have nothing exciting to report in this area.  Instead I’ll tell you about a different sort of kitchen disaster, which started badly but improved over time……Since January, my clever husband has single handedly been renovating our kitchen.  His DIY skills are truly impressive.  He can turn his hand to anything, and will teach himself new skills if he comes across something he cannot do.  He will tackle intricate woodwork, metalwork, brickwork, plumbing, electrics, the list is endless.


Where in this story is the disaster, I hear you ask?   Well, as I could not use the hob or oven for cooking, I felt this was a personal disaster for me.  I had to resort to the microwave and the slow cooker to produce culinary delights.   I also had no water supply or kitchen sink for a fortnight, and again this was a disaster as I had to wash up the dishes in the bath…..


My husband is a perfectionist, but a very slow worker.  If I ask why things are taking so long, he replies, “don’t you want me to do it properly?” – a question to which there is no answer.   Every surface in every room in our small flat has been covered with dust.  Every time a power tool or a hand tool appears, it makes dust.  This is a disaster for my housekeeping skills, I find it very hard to live in such conditions and it has been very stressful.


But the end is in sight.  The kitchen is almost finished, lovely new beech worktops, new cupboards, new sink, new dishwasher, and a new stone floor.  A few more jobs left to do when we return from  Greece  in October.    Maybe the disaster wasn’t so bad after all……


6 thoughts on “Kitchen disaster…..

  1. My hubby is a slow-moving perfectionist, too… he’s been involved in a couple projects that have been on hold for months. Fortunately, he moves things along rather well while heading toward a ‘functional’ goal… it’s the aesthetics that he tends to snooze over. Example: a patio door wasn’t sealed properly (he didn’t install it), and our wood floor got dry rot because the curtain camouflaged this… He sealed the door and pulled up the affected pieces or flooring, but heaven only knows when he’ll put the new wood down (he has had it since before he pulled up the old wood – that was prior to Christmas).
    As per worst kitchen disaster, I advise you NOT to try making root beer… but if you ignore my warning, don’t put the jars in your kitchen cupboard to age – they build up pressure and explode.


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