Three Day Quote Challenge

One of the blogs I follow is Wight Rabbit, and she inspired me to join in with this challenge of posting a quote a day for three days…… 


I’ll break the last rule and leave an open invitation for any of my friends to join in if you want to.

Day One…..


If you look up this quote, you will find that several websites attribute it to Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, amongst other novels.  However, it appears that some people disagree, as the actual source of the quote is never given, and experts believe it is not his ‘style’ of writing.  Others argue that it is a ‘Hallmark’ type quote – you know those inspirational greetings cards you can buy?


Anyway, I just like this quote because I’m the sort of person who always takes chances, and I want to leave this world having no regrets about anything I’ve ever done.  Well, maybe I regret not demanding more money from my first husband when I divorced him, but that’s another story…….


I certainly don’t have any regrets about marrying my lovely second husband, buying a boat and sailing to Greece.  Tim is back in Greece already, and I’m returning at the end of the month.  Even though I complain frequently about the living conditions and having to wash my knickers in a bucket,  I don’t have any regrets!


Have you ever taken a chance and regretted it later?


3 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge

  1. Brilliant images, Georgie, and excellent quote ~ whoever wrote it! Although I might have reservations immediately after taking chances, (and I do tend to jump i with both feet!) my first instincts are usually right ~ so no regrets! Thanks for joining in the challenge ~ looking forward to reading your other quotes and why you chose them! 🙂

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