3 day quote challenge – Day 2

Having found this idea from Wight Rabbit of presenting a quote a day for three days, I’m now ready to give you my second quote!


HOME IS WHERE THE ANCHOR DROPS – I have no idea of the origin of this quote,  but I like finding boat-related quotes, and thought this was very apt for my situation!  I’m about to return to living on our yacht for the summer, probably for at least four months.   The photo above is of our yacht Fandancer, when we were anchored near Preveza town,  in the Ionian. You can see the anchor ball, which during the day indicates to other boats that we are anchored, and we have put up the anchor light, which is also a requirement at night.

As we are constantly sailing around the little bays and harbours in the Greek Islands,  we often find ourselves in a different location every day.

In my life, I’ve lived in 43 different houses, and lived in six different countries for long periods.  I’ve lived on our yacht Fandancer for the last seven years, and we’ve sailed to 43 Greek islands.   I’m a bit of a boat gypsy!  I think this quote suits me very well……


How long have you lived in your current house?

14 thoughts on “3 day quote challenge – Day 2

    • Tim is currently in Preveza with boat engine taken out so he can refurbish stuff. Probably Ionian again as late starting this year. We might go round the bottom of Peloponnese though, and back through Corinth canal.

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  1. p.s. I’ve moved around quite a bit in my life, so has Martin but we’ve been here for 14 years on the 6th of June ~ the longest either of have spent in one place! We were hoping to move to Portugal before the Brexit thing happened, now those plans are on hold, so we’re focusing on being content on our Paradise Island for the time being! 😉

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