Who knew a bus museum would be so interesting?

Have you ever lived very close to a famous attraction, beauty spot or museum, but never visited? 

On the Isle of Wight, there are dozens of interesting places to visit.  From a Roman Villa,  Osborne House  – the home of Queen Victoria, a donkey sanctuary,  a garlic farm, a windmill, botanical gardens, there is something for everyone. Where I live in Ryde  there is a bus museum!  It is about two hundred metres from my house, just around the corner, but since I’ve lived here (which is only just over a year), I’ve never visited the bus museum.   And it’s even free to visit, no entrance fees at all!


Last weekend the bus museum had an open day, where you could ride on all the vintage buses, also for free! I kept seeing all the old buses drive down my street, so I thought I’d walk along for a look, and I’m so glad I did.


Unfortunately I was too mean to buy a brochure which told you about the buses, I just wanted to take some photos.   As well as all the buses waiting outside to take you for a ride, inside the museum, which was open plan like an aircraft hanger, they had even more buses!  There were old uniforms of the bus drivers on display, lots of posters, memorabilia, even an old ticket office.  So much to see.



There was a band playing, you could buy tea and coffee, such a lot going on.  I’ll definitely be coming back to visit again.


Do you live close to an attraction or famous landmark, but never visited?




7 thoughts on “Who knew a bus museum would be so interesting?

      • Some of them are still running! When they had the Vintage Commercial Vehicle Cavalcade four or five years ago, there were a couple of old buses in it … and, somewhere along the line, they were joined by a W&D bus on a *regular run* that was older than they were!

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  1. What a great day out! I remember doing Crick Tram Museum, sometime back in the Dark Ages, but it’s nowhere near me. Those rides to Blackgang Chine made me smile though. The very first holiday that I could afford was to the Isle of Wight. I was living in London at the time. Still have sunny memories of Godshill. 🙂 🙂

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