Tips for travel packing : part 1

I’m so bad at packing.   I take far too much stuff.  

Remember, I’m going back to live on a yacht in Greece for several months.  It will be very HOT for the whole time I’m out there.  I already have a lot of clothes on the boat – tee shirts, shorts, swimsuits, flip flops?  Why am I taking anything at all, I hear you ask?

Here’s some helpful  hints….

1.  I might get asked to some glamorous greek wedding or a birthday party in a luxury hotel. Very unlikely, as this hasn’t never happened so far, but you never know.   I will need something suitably glamorous, as shorts and flip flops will not do, although this is what my husband would wear.   So I’d better take a ‘posh’ dress and some nice sandals, just in case.   And a pashmina or scarf.  And a posh handbag. And some jewellery.

accessory arm beads blur

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2. Toiletries – why pay five euros for toothpaste when you can buy it for £1 or less here (Poundland is the place!). And what if I can’t buy my favourite shampoo, hair conditioner, face cream, body spray? I’ll have to take them in my luggage too.


3. Books. It’s not like they don’t have books in Greece – there’s always a book swap somewhere, where tourists dump their cast off paperbacks.  And a glossy magazine or two if you’re lucky. But I’ll take as many books as will fit in my luggage.  I buy them from charity shops and now there’s over fifty of them stacked on the shelves in my sitting room. How to choose which to take? Dilemma!


4. Let’s talk about foodstuffs.  Things you crave but can’t buy in Greece or are outrageously expensive.  Like butterscotch instant whip, and Hartleys zero calorie jelly.  That’s jellow, to you folks over the pond.  I’ve been collecting a little pile of goodies – packets of cook-in sauce mix (I love the biryani rice, and chicken a la creme mix – you can see how multicultural I am….), also decaffeinated coffee refill packs, a jar of lazy garlic (ready chopped in oil), and of course I must take Marmite! I wrote a blog post about Marmite a while ago….

What do you always have to pack when you go on holiday?

9 thoughts on “Tips for travel packing : part 1

  1. Travelling to Sweden for the long summer packing used to be a nightmare – since I needed to take so many books!! This was never an optional extra! Thank goodness for Kindle – a life-savour as far as baggage allowance is concerned and SO many books. Phew! Good idea about the toothpaste etc and always a posh frock with accessories – you never know when you’ll be heading out. Or perhaps a romantic dinner with your husband? Enjoy your time in Greece … I’ll try and not be jealous … only kidding! 😀

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      • I totally understand and to be honest would probably still be lugging books back and forth if it wasn’t for my eyes. My father in law suggested a kindle as I struggled to read books easily after being diagnosed with a disease of my corneas. The kindle has been a lifesaver for me although I still buy books with good print now and then … they are a real treat and so special to hold!


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