How to pack your travel bag : part 2

I’m so bad at packing my luggage when I go away.  I started to outline this in my previous post.  There’s still more I need to pack for my return to the boat in Greece….

I’m really bad at carrying things back and forward between countries without using them.   For example, when I came back from Greece last October, I brought with me two swimming costumes  – just in case I take grandchildren to the pool, or in case I decide to join an Aquafit  class.  I have done neither of these things over the winter. I must make sure to take my swimming costumes back again!


I also brought back a huge pile of art paraphanalia, which I dragged all the way out to Greece the previous summer, as I had decided to channel my inner artistic streak and do a quick watercolour of every harbour we went to.  This did not happen.  It was too hot to paint….  I must take it all back again though, just in case I feel the urge…… different sizes of sketch books, pencils, watercolours, pens…..


Cameras and phones – should I take my big Sony A58 digital camera and the zoom lens? Maybe I’ll just stick to the compact Nikon. But what if I submit a magazine article and they want good photos?  I’ll have to take the portable hard drive too…. now, where are all the leads and chargers?

cafe camera classic close up

Photo by Pixabay on

New clothes and shoes. Obviously I can’t just wear those worn out sun-bleached shorts and tee shirts, and salt damaged swimwear. Or the hat that almost got eaten by a goat. I need new things for this year. I’ve already bought three new pairs of shorts and some tee shirts. And a sundress. And a sun hat. They’ll all have to be packed too…..

So you can see my dilemma, will it all fit in my bag?


16 thoughts on “How to pack your travel bag : part 2

  1. Oh, my. Perhaps, “How NOT to pack your travel bag”? Haha

    This post is making me feel like a packing ninja, although I can completely relate. It’s so easy to bring things that never make it out of the case. There are so many “what ifs” when planning for a longer trip.

    You’ve given me a morning chuckle.

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  2. I feel your pain! I am the world’s worst packer. BUT I HAVE learned that less is more. I don’t go with the huge camera lenses. Instead I take a Canon Powershot SX60HS. It’s compact and has a super 65X optical zoom. Without changes lenses you can go from 35mm to 1365mm without changing lenses. As far as clothes are concerned – take shorts, t-shirts, a couple of summer dresses, a fleece and jacket, a pair of jeans and you’re good to go. Instead of a laptop, I pack an I-pad. But on a yacht perhaps a laptop is better. I am travelling from S. Africa to Europe in August and I’ve decided to pack the barest minimum and if I find my self in need -I will just buy over there! Essentials are: Underwear, Toiletries, Shorts, T-shirts, Bathing costume, a couple of summer dresses, a fleece, a jacket and a pair of sandals.


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