The twisted rope – photo challenge

There’s always lots of rope on a sailing yacht.  So I’ve chosen the topic of rope for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge – twisted

Our red jib sheets around one of our large winches (ropes are often called different things on boats).  Fandancer is 45 years old, so no self-tailing winches on our boat!


We don’t normally store the ropes in a pile in the cockpit…… some nice twists here, though.


Twists everywhere!  Fenders and ropes……


Next – this stern line is ‘flaked’ so it doesn’t tangle or twist when I swim ashore and secure it to a rock or post…..



More twisted ropes on the foredeck….

The last two pictures are not from the boat.  The first one was at the beach at Osborne House, the fabulous home of Queen Victoria on the Isle of Wight


My last photo of twisted rope was from the beach near my house at Ryde



I hope you enjoyed my twisted photos!  This time next week’s I’ll be back in Greece, looking for some more twists…..

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