My big fat Greek adventure, part 1


Quite a lot has happened since my last post.  I’m now back on our yacht Fandancer in Greece, but don’t you go thinking it must be heaven on Earth, to be floating in the sunshine in the Mediterranean, but we’re not at that stage yet, so it’s not.

I’m currently sat in the yacht cockpit in the blazing hot sunshine and my lower limbs are burning as there’s hardly anywhere to shelter in the shade….I’m currently looking at a pile of junk, well actually I’m surrounded by junk, it’s like living in a floating junk yard. …..


My current view – playing havoc with my OCD….

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  At least we’ve left the boatyard, I no longer have to sleep aboard with no fridge, no toilet and no shower.  These are now in use, hooray!  The boat fridge is the best thing, cold milk, cold beer and we have ice!


Down below its also a mess….

The big tractor/trailer thingy pulled Fandancer from her home above ground, and with the help of a huge hoist, she once again became our floating home.  Apparently, there is still an awful lot of work to do before we can go off for a sail.  Putting the sails up is one of the jobs.  Three huge sail bags are currently blocking the forward cabin, preventing tools, paint and other paraphanalia from being put away.  The husband also wants to paint the decks!  They are looking rather scruffy, but is it really necessary?


Fandancer being pulled on the trailer


TH applying the finishing touches to the anti fouling paint

 Just after we were back in the water yesterday, we had quite an exciting incident.  The engine started first time.  Considering TH (the husband) has completely removed the whole engine, renovated it, as well as the propellor shaft, stern gland and associated engine parts, and also the engine room, and had it craned back in, put things back together in the last two weeks, this was an amazing feat.   He has worked so hard getting everything ready.


Fandancer being lowered into the water

So we left the dock with the intention of mooring stern-to on the little quay alongside.  We  were about 100 metres from the dock, and lining ourselves up to moor, when the engine cut out!  Oh no!  Disaster!  It simply wouldn’t restart, and we were drifting towards a shallow patch.  But TH never panics.  We dropped the anchor, so at least we weren’t going to drift anywhere, and he had a look at the engine and did some checks.  It still wouldn’t start.  So we managed to get a passing sailor in a dinghy with outboard to take a very long line from us and attach it to the quay.  Luckily the anchor wasn’t too far out of position, so we hauled ourselves back in with the rope, letting out more anchor chain. Although we were at a bit of an angle, we were now secured to the quay.  


That dreaded red engine…….

Three hours later, a very sweaty and tired husband fixed the problem. There was air in the fuel system, and diesel engines don’t like this.  So he had to bleed the fuel system and get rid of trapped air.  Finally the engine started perfectly and we let it run for quite a while, without any problems…..

So we’ll be here for several days while we get shipshape and can finally leave…..


19 thoughts on “My big fat Greek adventure, part 1

  1. Wow! Even though travel has not happened much, this sounds like a lovely adventure. The good parts and the bad parts are combine together for a wonderful upcoming trip and blog posts. I look forward to reading about your travels.

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  2. I would be going totally insane with all that stuff out of place! I don’t see how you stand it…but hopefully it will all be put in its proper place within the next 48 and you can just relax!

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  3. I’m very happy to find your Blog and to start…following your trip. It’s like as if I watching your adventures, but sitting comfortably in the first row:)
    Thanks for sharing your impressions!
    Favorable wind for you:)

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