Vote for your favourite photo…..

I have been participating in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge for some time now, but sadly this challenge is coming to an end. For the last topic, we have been asked to post our all time favourites.

But how many photos to post? We are not told. How can I pick a favourite from all the hundreds of photos I take?  I have over 15,000 on my iPad alone – or at least they’re floating around on an iCloud somewhere (I’m still not totally certain of how that cloud thingy works).

So I’m going to limit myself to six photos, then ask you to vote for your favourite, are you up for that?

In no particular order –

No.1.  This was taken at sunrise as we were sailing east from the ‘heel’ of Italy over to Corfu, our landfall in Greece after we had left England in our yacht Fandancer several months previously. This photo was also published as a double page spread in a six-page article I wrote for a U.K. Sailing magazine, about our trip.


No.2    This Photo was taken at University of Oxford  after my son’s PhD graduation last year. Although I’ve edited it a lot, I like the way the red of his gown is highlighted.


We are off to Greece now, for photo number 3.   I bet you guessed I’d have a Greek photo in here somewhere, didn’t you?  This was taken in lovely Lakka on the island of Paxos, one of our favourite places.  I haven’t edited it, the sea really is that colour!


Photo no.4 – I’ve chosen this because it was my very first attempt at using a zoom lens on my Sony A58 camera, I took this from some distance away! I also like portraits in black and white, and my daughter didn’t know I was taking her photo….


Another Greek photo for No.5 – this sums up everything about Greece!  It was taken in the coastal town of Mitikas, on the mainland opposite the island of Kalamos.


Finally, an extremely lucky shot for photo no.6.  This was taken very early one morning in the Greek town of Messalonghi, in the Gulf of Corinth.  There are some really shallow lagoons here, and there was not a breath of wind…..


So those are my offerings! I’m not clever enough to be able to insert a poll, (unless you can advise me? ), so please tell me which photo you like best in the comments?

32 thoughts on “Vote for your favourite photo…..

  1. holy crap! How are we supposed to choose just ONE and how did you ever manage to choose just these? I have seen so many photos you have captured and most of them are simply glorious! OK, if I HAVE to choose one…………nope. I can’t. It is a toss up between the first (that glorious yellow sky) and the last… I’ll take either one in a 16×24 picture right now for the living room!

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  2. These all are great photos. I might have to go with your last one for its elegance and sure simplicity. Then your first photo and then the blue chairs and table. 😀 😀 I loved all your photos though.


  3. The boat reflected is probably the most sophisticated. (But what do I know about sophistication!) . Your hardworking, darling husband is looking a bit skinny. Has he not been feeding himself? Here is a list of books for you. Happy reading. Xxx

    Rachel Joyce​​The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry Barbara Kinsolver​The Poisonwood Bible Kate Atkinson ​​Life after life Donna Tartt​​The Goldfinch Edmund de Waal​The hare with amber eyes William Boyd​​Any human heart CJ Sansom​​Dissoloution Richard Flannagon​Narrow road to the north Zadie Smith​​White Teeth Rose Tremain​​One moment one morning Brigit Vanderbeke​The mussel feast Amy Tan​​The bonesetters daughter Kate Atkinson​​God in Ruins Kalad Hossein​​A thousand splendid suns JM Cotezee​​Disgrace Anthony Doerr​All the light we cannot see Kent Haruf​​Our souls at night? Rose Tremain​​Gustav Sonata Barbara Tripido​Sex and Stravinsky Penelope Lively​Moon Tiger Falk​​​Where my heart used to be



  4. They’re all absolutely wonderful. If I had to choose just one it’d be a choice between number 1 and 2. But probably the graduation pic, there’s something special about that one.

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  6. Only one! Sorry – I have chosen three…
    The first one is the sunrise from your sailboat – I love sunrises and sunsets!
    The second is the scene in the town of Mitikas – everything I imagine when I think of Greece (not yet been, but on my bucket list)
    and the last is the beautiful, serene shot of the boat reflecting in the lagoon…

    There are all fabulous though! xoxo

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  7. The third photo of Lakka looks like the perfect vacation shot and makes me want to go there NOW! right now! But, I have to choose the first photo as my favorite. Sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. When photographed to capture the exact moment…..mesmerizing. Beautiful!

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  9. And in the class “Best Photo” is no.6.
    And in the class “Most Representative Travel photo” is no. 5.

    Really hard to choose as they are all good. But I don’t think I’d forget no. 6 in a hurry!


  10. Wow! They’re all gorgeous and offer their own charm. It’s really hard to choose but 2 is the winner because of the graduation theme. I also agree with you – the red of his gown is fabulous and what an accomplishment! Our son is graduating with a BA in Political Science on the 16th, which is why this photo popped out. 🙂


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