My big fat greek Sailing blog part 4

In which I gain entry to a huge castle and find a tortoise…….

it’s been a strange sort of week – we’re definitely in Greece but we’re not sailing.  To be honest, we have several boat jobs to do before we can finally sail off into the sunset, so we are still moored on the quay at Vonitsa.  We may never leave – there’s free water, and everything you could possibly want is available in the little town. Except maybe a Marks & Spencer ready meal…..


Georgie and Tim on Fandancer

I’m cross because I can’t find the little adapter which attaches to my camera lead and allows me to send the photos direct to my iPad.  I’m wondering whether I’ve left it behind in the U.K. So there’s no fabulous castle shots for you to view just yet!


I came across two wild tortoises while I was walking around the castle.  It was extremely hot, but they didn’t seem to mind.


It’s a very big and very old fortress, parts date back from the 14th century.  Being in Greece, there are no helpful notices, signs or leaflets to explain or provide information while you walk round.  You are best resorting to Google, before or after your visit.  


The huge castle above the waterfront of Vonitsa

On the big main entrance door, there is a sign which says the entry charge is two euros.  Fair enough, but they never used to charge you on my previous visits.  It must be a new Greek initiative to try and pay back the billions of pounds they’ve taken from the European economy over the years.  I spotted a greek guy half asleep under a tree, clutching a money bag and a book of tickets.    “Two euro?” I checked with him.  I offered him a five euro note. “No, no!” he responded.  If you have no coins it doesn’t matter, you can still go in.”


Aerial view of Vonitsa harbour, castle, and waterfront

Not wishing to deprive the Greek economy of two euros, I rooted around in my purse for the right money.  “No!  It doesn’t matter!  If you don’t have the right money you don’t have to pay!” insisted the Greek guy.  I couldn’t make myself go in without paying, so I insisted he took the coins I found in my bag.  Then he carefully tore off a ticket for me, which said I had paid one euro!   I’m obviously not really understanding all these European directives….. you’ve got to love the Greeks!


7 thoughts on “My big fat greek Sailing blog part 4

    • Thanks for reading my post, Paula. If the camera lead doesn’t turn up, I’ll have to crack open the ancient laptop, transfer to the portable hard drive, then email them to myself.


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