Sign of the times…..

Inspired by a post from  sonofabeach96 who is participating in a new weekly Photo Challenge, I thought I would join in too. meetthebloggers are running the challenge, and this week’s topic is “Signs”.  I like finding unusual signs to photograph, so here are my contributions….

All these signs were found in Greece, where we are currently sailing on our yacht Fandancer.


Hand painted taverna sign, Paxos


We never saw any sign to the old village until we got back!


I’d love a shopping troll. He would be very helpful….


Butcher’s shop in Gaios, Paxos


They couldn’t give these huge watermelons away….


Our favourite beach taverna on Paxos


It’s disrespectful to ring the church bell…..


My sort of Greek taverna!


Don’t go this way…….

You can read more about my favourite Greek islands here.

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