My Big Fat Greek Adventure – part 5

Hoorah.    We finally left Vonitsa, about time too, I had got bored.  There’s only so many times you can walk round a ruined castle or

walk over a pretty bridge to the island.  The little shops here are not for what I call ‘just looking’, you can’t have a good browse and not buy anything, there are just basic shops that sell meat, vegetables and bread.  The highlight of my day was getting my washing back from the laundry lady. 


A lovely pile of clean washing!

A freshly smelling pile of washed, dried and folded bedding and towels!   It cost me 15 Euro but I didn’t tell the husband that.   He thinks paying to get laundry done is a complete waste of money, and what’s wrong with a bucket of water?

We finally completed most of the boat jobs.  The carpets have been scrubbed, and decks painted.


My husband found a fabulous man-shop that sold tools of every description, paint, and lots of tubes of sealant, brushes, ladders, bits of metal and wood, electrical items.  They also sold genuine goat and sheep bells!   Not the decorated sort that you find in tourist shops with name of the town painted on them, but genuine metal bells that the animals wear when they are roaming the countryside.  Did you know that the male goats wear bigger, lower tone bells then the females?  Someone told me this, it’s so the shepherd can tell them apart…..


The floating bridge at Lefkas

So we are now on the quay at Lefkas town.  We came through the floating bridge at 11am, which is always quite stressful. Lefkas is an island in the Ionian Sea, but joined to the mainland by a short bridge for traffic, which swings sideways once an hour to let the boats through.  A klaxon goes off, then all the boats charge through in both directions.  They keep it open for as short a time as possible, and it has been known to close before the last boat gets there, if they are very slow or too far away.


Lots of cafes along the waterfront, Lefkas


Traditional Lefkas house


Old church doorway, Lefkas town

We were trying to count up the number of times we’ve been to Lefkas.  We’ve both been here pre-Fandancer in the early 2000s. I think it must be 15 times at least. After mooring on the quay, we had a walk around the town and found a few new cafes and bars that weren’t there last year, and you can now hire tiny motor boats for the day and go down the Lefkas canal to Nidri or further if you are adventurous.


And now for big news – it’s been raining in Greece!  Yes! Actual wet stuff!  Lots of thunder last night.  It’s forecast for the next few days, but at the moment the sun is trying to poke through the clouds, so maybe it won’t be as bad as forecast……


Today we have some shopping to do, we must visit the Port Police with our paperwork, and we also have a secret mission which I’ll tell you about another time…..


7 thoughts on “My Big Fat Greek Adventure – part 5

  1. Secret mission – left us hanging !
    The transitional house was like seeing a postcard – the second to
    Last photo is a masterpiece – all pics are great – but that one I went back to a few times.
    The water perhaps?
    And did u need a goat bell for anything? Anyhow – nice to learn different genders wear different bells – makes sens e

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