Circle, ring, round, band, hoop ….

There’s a nice photo challenge this week, run by Debbie at travel with intent. The topic is CIRCLE.  I enjoyed looking back over some of my old photos to find these circles for your delight…..


Lifebelt by the harbour wall


Kiddies’ fishing net in my garden


Circular Christmas wreath on a door


Old tennis ball in my garden


These huge circular wheels are on Queen Victoria’s bathing hut at Osborne House on the  Isle of Wight. She would get changed in the hut, then her servants would push it on rails right into the water so she could retain her modesty and just step into the sea. This was very common in Victorian times, and you can find many old photos of beaches lined with these ‘bathing machines’.


Round flower pots at a reclamation yard


Huge round stone wheels from an old olive press

Which round object do you like best?  Have you got any to show us? Why not join in too!

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