The allure of Lefkas – a lovely Greek town.

We’ve been to Lefkas many times before, but I never tire of it.  For yacht people, it’s a bit like a 

busy station terminus, but here you are joining or leaving a boat, then maybe going north through the swing bridge  to Paxos, Corfu and beyond, or going south down the Lefkas channel to Meganissi, Ithaca, Kastos or Kalamos.  So some people might not stay long here, but it’s nice when you can spend some time to go exploring….


Tucked away from the main street……

Lefkas is a reasonably big, typically Greek town with a large population of local people, so it is not just for tourists. Away from the main centre, here are lots of waterfront cafes and bars, and a pedestrianised street with lots of shops, and tavernas, plus a big square for sitting and people watching. 


That seems to be the extent of many people’s visit to Lefkas, but there is much more to it than that.  If you were to explore a little further, you will find a warren of tiny streets, a mixture of all sorts of houses, lovely gardens, and a whole community of people which tourists rarely see.


The very grand public library

There are some fabulous churches, and one even has a bell tower which looks like a rusty pylon.  This is for earthquake protection -likewise, many houses are constructed of light materials such as corrugated iron, or wood, instead of brick or stone. 


As recently as 2015, and 2003, earthquakes of around 6.5 on the Richter scale destroyed buildings, boatyards and caused many rockfalls on roads and beaches.


Brightly coloured bar tucked away in a side street


Typical Lefkas street, low-rise buildings, often corrugated iron

Next time you go somewhere new, why not spend some time exploring ‘behind the scenes’, away from the tourist areas?  You never know what you might find!

6 thoughts on “The allure of Lefkas – a lovely Greek town.

  1. i love the photos you are sharing…I always go “behind the scenes” in a foreign country. It’s really the only way to truly know where you are and how similar or different the lifestyle is to your own IMO. That bridge is incredible!

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  2. How nice to see the non tourist images! And we heard this is the best way to find good eats – ask where locals go and not tourists
    – really love the angle and rail in hat opening photo – also – the bright brick on cafe is inviting 😊✌️

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