In which we anchor in a glorious bay, watch a football match, and get woken by swallows…..

MBFGSA part 7

By now you should now what MBFGSA stands for, don’t you?  If not, look here.

We finally left Lefkas town after four nights on the quay.  You get charged a harbour fee for staying here, but no-one came to collect any money on the last two days, so we virtually stayed here for half price, always a bonus.  The charges depend on the length of your boat,  we paid around 9 euro for one night.


Tim on board Fandancer at Lefkas

We headed south down the Lefkas channel, also known as the Lefkas canal, but it has no manmade locks in it, it’s just a dredged and buoyed length of water.  Over the years, the area has been much improved.  The rubbish tip on one side is now virtually hidden, and the area landscaped, the litter has been cleared.  There are paths and walls alongside the canal, bird hides have been installed. as this huge shallow lagoon is a good place to see wild birds, such as egrets, flamingoes and pelicans.


We followed the new green and red markers, for two and a half miles until the channel opened into Drepanou Bay.  If we had carried straight on we would have followed the coast of Lefkas island to Nidri town and the island of Meganissi beyond, but we turned Fandancer to port, and arrived at Varko Bay.   Sometimes people call it Bungalow Bay, as there is a clutch of many red roofed small holiday homes here, which unfortunately seem to be unoccupied or abandoned.  Further along the beach there are a number of straw sun parasols on a little beach, with a rather rustic bar behind.    The sea is beautifully warm and clear here.   


Milos beach, Lefkas

We anchored over sand in about 3 metres of water, and I was even brave enough to go in for a dip!   The water was a little chilly, but I soon got used to it.  I did a lap of the boat, then came out again.  After a quick deck shower, I sat in the sun for a while.    Then it quickly clouded over, and by six o’clock we had battened down the hatches and had rain showers for the rest of the evening!


It rained at Lefkas too.

We stayed aboard, and enjoyed our usual evening ouzo.  Later we ate my previously prepared meal of meatballs in tomato sauce, with pasta.   There was an England World Cup football match being played, and thanks to lots of friends, we received regular reports of how they were doing via  text and Facebook messages.   I knew that I could probably figure out how to watch it on BBC1, but it involved changing my VPN number. 


Harry Kane scoring the winning goal for England…..

I’m not very technically minded, but VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which basically tricks the computer, or people trying to contact you, into thinking you are in a different location to where you actually are.  BBC iplayer for some reason does not allow you access from some countries, including Greece, so you cannot watch live BBC programmes.  Following some google research, I downloaded a recommended app called Windscribe, which changes your VPN into a new virtual location, and after a very short time, I found myself watching the second half of the England – Tunisia match, live on BBC1!   We won by the way, 2-1!


It was such a quiet night at anchor.  I woke this morning to the sound of dozens of chirping swallows, who were resting on our rigging.   There’s no traffic noise here, no one about.  Today we might motor over the bay to Paleros and see if we can get into the little harbour, as we need to fill up with water soon…… 

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