My news about our yacht Fandancer…

It’s me.  I’m back.  Did you miss me?   In case you’re not even bothered, or didn’t even realise,  I haven’t posted any blogs for about a month due to some personal stuff going on, some of which I can now talk about!

The big news is – drummm rollllll ……..

We have sold Fandancer.  

Yes, Fandancer has a new owner.  We no longer own a yacht.   Well, that’s strictly not true as we will still be sailing her until September, but the sale is going through.   In case you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, in a nutshell, I have been living on a yacht with my husband Tim (over the summer months at least), and we float about the Greek Islands.  We’ve been doing this for the last seven years. In case you’ve missed all this, I have been blogging about the trials and tribulations of living on a yacht for some time now……perhaps you’d better look at some of my older posts and catch up!


Why have you sold Fandancer, I hear you ask.  Why?   What’s happened?


Well, again in a nutshell (I’m beginning to sound like a squirrel) it’s finally got to the point where Tim has finally admitted that he’s not getting any younger, his various health problems aren’t going to go away, and basically it’s getting much harder for him to look after the boat, to continue with her maintenance, and all the associated hard work of living onboard and sailing her.


Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  How hard can it be to wake up each morning anchored in a lovely Greek bay, the sun shining down all day, to take a dip in the sea when you get to hot, rustle up a greek salad for lunch and have a beer in a local taverna watching a glorious Greek sunset?  Sadly, there is much more to life afloat than this.   And the time has come to give it up, for the sake of Tim’s health.  So sadly, this will be our last season of sailing in Greece on Fandancer, and the last season in which I will have to wash my knickers in a bucket…….

But don’t worry.  My blog will be returning in another form before too long…

40 thoughts on “My news about our yacht Fandancer…

  1. Hi Georgie, I’ve missed your posts and do hope you’ll continue to blog. You have such a great way with words and your pictures are brilliant. I’m sorry, too, to hear you are selling Fandancer but am sure it would have been a decision not taken likely. I hope your new path in life will take you and your husband to calm waters. I look forward to reading all about it. xxx


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot. I feel much better now the decision has been made. I find it so hard to write anything when I’m feeling low. We will enjoy our last few weeks in Greece, and I’m sure I’ll find things to write about when we get back to the U.K.

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  2. Missed you and am so glad that the sale is going through and that you’ve still got a couple of months to enjoy it 🙂

    Very glad to hear you will return to blogging in another format, looking froward to hearing your news as it unfolds!

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  3. I knew where you were as I stalk you on facebook, but very sorry to hear that Fandancer has now been sold. I know how much you and Tim both looked forward to your adventures in those lovely Grecian Isles……but I also know how difficult it has been for Tim to deal with the maintenance of the ship…looking forward to seeing what new adventures you two get up to in future. ❤


    • Thanks for your support Suze! I’m feeling better about things now we’ve made the decision, and Tim says he won’t miss all the maintenance work. I’m sure he’ll think of lots to do in the house when we get back home,!


  4. I wish you all the best in the future. I believe when one door closing another one will open wide. I hope Tim is getting better soon and enjoy your next adventure. We just back from 5 weeks holiday in Madagascar last night. we have plenty to catch up with other blogger. have a wonderful sailing until september:)


  5. Happy to see you back, and yes I missed you. I was worried about you, too, after hearing of the terrible wildfires there. Sorry you have had to sell Fandancer, and hope your mister is feeling better. ❤


  6. I know how you feel … I felt the same when I reluctantly gave up mountaineering.. But, there’s lots of other things to do … (and write about)


  7. I have missed your entertaining posts…Sorry to hear you are selling Fandancer, but it is for the right reasons! I’m glad you will be enjoying one more summer. Memories will always be with you on your new adventures!


  8. Cannot wait to have you both back on our Beautiful Island – please keep up the Blog IOW – & like I said think about writing a short book on your travels & your pics on a Calendar- sending love to you both Xx

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  9. So happy to see you blogging again. You were so missed although I did check up on your Facebook page a few times. Life seems to throw curve balls just when we think things are going smoothly doesn’t it? Hopefully you can make some lasting memories in the few weeks you have left with your much loved Fandancer. Looking forward to wherever life takes you next. Love traveling vicariously with you.


  10. These things happen, we are all getting older and have to face facts. Will you get Artemis back or has he settled too well in his new home. At least you have these lovely photos and memories. I enjoyed reading all about it.


    • Thank you so much for kind comments. Artemis is living with Tim’s daughter and partner now, she has grown a big fur coat. We mentioned we could have her back, but they want to keep her! I’m glad she has a good home. Some people were critical of us giving our pet away, but I like to think if we hadn’t rescued her in the first place she probably wouldn’t have survived….


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  13. Hi there – some decisions just seem to happen on their own – because it is what is needed right now – and this seems to me to be how this unfolded – and who knows that the future holds – in years to come you might end up with a smaller vessel (or not) it sailing with the seasons is what we all “get” to do – eh?
    Oh and seriously – I know how hard boating is – I once got a small sail boat stuck under a bridge and felt helpless and exhausted – and would have likely owned a sail boat earlier in life if it was not so physically demanding.

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  15. I can well imagine how hard it is looking after a yacht and maintaining it, but it just means that there are other adventures of a different sort now awaiting. I will miss hearing your on-board stories and all the fun you have washing your knickers in a bucket 🙂 There’s plenty of other stuff you can share with us and I’ll look forward to hearing it.

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