Do you prefer swimming in the sea, or in a pool?


Living on a boat in Greece, we are surrounded by sea, and my husband loves to anchor in clear, turquoise water so he can swim from the boat whenever he wishes. Me – I’m ok with that, but if I had the choice, I would opt for a nice outdoor swimming pool any time. Here’s why…


Can’t touch the bottom, it can be murky, yucky things float on it, creatures live in it, tastes nasty if swallowed. A random jellyfish can creep up on you…..


Difficult to swim properly if very windy and there are waves. Inflatable objects get blown away. The worst thing for me is getting salt water on my skin and hair. It’s gross. When you climb back on board, you can’t sit anywhere comfortable as you can’t get salt on the cushions, and have to stand on deck to dry off, or get a towel covered in salt water. It makes me feel sticky, and you are going to need a restricted fresh water shower at some point. Why not miss out the sea and just have a shower?


The only advantage I can see about swimming off the boat is that you can swim at any time of day or night, you are generally by yourself, and don’t have to move out the way from someone trying to beat the world backstroke record.


Beautiful blue water, you can touch the bottom and choose your depth without standing on anything nasty, spiky or dangerous. You can do proper swimming if you want. When you come out, there is a shower with unlimited water waiting for you, without having to wrestle with the unwieldy, twisted and squirming hose of the onboard deck shower.


You can have a comfortable sunbed with a shady umbrella. There is often someone to take your drinks order and serve you, without you having to stand on tiptoes to reach the bottom of the boat fridge and take pot luck on whatever canned drink you can reach first. There may be some chill-out music playing in the background. You can have a nice chat in the pool with other holiday makers and be certain that they are not going to discuss weather forecasts, alternators or tool box contents. There may be a book swap shelf near the bar, or if you are lucky, a discarded magazine. You can return to the pool from your sunbed and repeat the above. The only disadvantage of a pool is that there may be random weird people swimming close by you, and you may get splashed by noisy kids.


Are you a sea freak or a pool person?

14 thoughts on “Do you prefer swimming in the sea, or in a pool?

  1. The lake for me! Beautiful fresh clear water, you don’t need to shower after (in fact, with biodegradable soap, a swim can be your shower), and a floating dock to lounge on afterwards, with a drink in hand. Although I will admit the bottom can be a bit squishy and weedy… The bottom of the lake, not mine.

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  2. I can quite see your point, and if I was in your position I would think exactly the same, but when I’m on holiday I like to swim in the sea, but I do like a pool at the apartment/villa so that I can just dip in and cool off at any time, without walking to the beach/sea. 🙂

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  3. Love this post! I’m a sucker for the sea. I love the feeling of it and the promise of great waves to push me towards the shore.
    I’m in the minority in my family as everyone but my dad prefers the pool :).

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  4. I was just thinking of this last week. So I have my answer ready 😀 I am definitely a pool person. In Finland the sea is way too cold for me to swim in comfortably, even in summer. I do love crystal clear, warm sea water but even then I would prefer a pool. Maybe this is because I grew up next to a pool, who knows.


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