Do you plan ahead, or just see what turns up?

It’s over.  My yachting life has ended.  We no longer own a boat.  From now on things will be different.  Including my blog.   I originally started my blog to tell you about our adventures aboard Fandancer in Greece, and the lovely places we visited.  So now what am I going to write about now?


We are back home in our lovely garden flat on the Isle of Wight.  Maybe a blog about places to visit on the Island? 


There’s so much I want to do now I’m back in the U.K.   The main task is to sort out the garden, which resembled an overgrown jungle, when we got back. I could barely open the gate as the clematis had completely covered it.  The window shutters were covered with the passion flower creeping everywhere. The water in the little pond has almost disappeared due to the hot summer.  The grass on the tiny lawn was two feet high, but I have given it a first cut…. Perhaps a gardening blog?

At the beginning of this year we started to renovate our kitchen.   Perhaps a blog about DIY and house restoration?

In my spare room I have a huge stock of fabrics, wool, craft items.  Maybe a blog about sewing and knitting?

I am also interested in rock painting!  Last year I collected a small rock from every location we visited in Greece, and my intention was to paint them with the name of the places on.  I’ve done nothing towards this project!  A stone decorating blog?

But what I really would like to do is more writing.  I just love writing.  Mostly memoir type stories.  A book about living aboard a yacht is in my brain, but not on paper……

So when I have completed the many tasks that need doing at home, I’ll turn my attention to my blog.  It needs a complete redesign, and a change of focus. 

Any ideas gratefully received! What would you like to read about?

10 thoughts on “Do you plan ahead, or just see what turns up?

  1. A sorting out in progress
    I laughed over the rocks and places visited. Mom had us do that as kids upon returning from summer trips. The rocks all ended up along one flower bed over the years. Fun to pick up, look at, and remember over the years.
    Let things brain simmer as needed and you’ll be stirred to write with seasoning.
    Can’t wait to see what you serve up next

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  2. All of these sound interesting 🙂 The garden will be a lovely project, especially next Spring! We redid our whole yard and this Spring was all about discovering all the plants that we have. Although it soon turned out to be discovering all the weeds too and getting a bit too acquainted with them LOL!


  3. I loved your Fandancer stories and I’m sure I’m going to love reading about your life on The Isle of Wight. I once visited your island and loved it. Write more and I might visit again! I am also interested in knitting and craft – will definitely read about that. DIY is always ongoing and that would be a good too. Just how you spend your retirement would be interesting. I love reading about other people’s lives. Just write!

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