Thanks to you, I’m still blogging!

Well, I’m amazed.  More than amazed.

I decided towards the end of last year that I wouldn’t continue with my little blog on this site.  But, for some reason, people keep looking at my old posts!  Not that many people, if I’m honest, but a small number, enough to surprise me that people want to read them.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me, despite the lack of blog posts. And thank you for the recent kind comments, Eliza, and Miriam.


So maybe you’ve spurred me on to keep going!  I stopped writing posts because I no longer live on a boat, I no longer have any exciting adventures in the Greek Islands.  We’ve moved back to England and have bought a little property on the lovely Isle of Wight.  I did start a new blog, focussing on my IOW life, but with virtually no new followers, I didn’t do it justice, as I didn’t have the time to get the blog how I wanted it to look.  I still don’t understand things like plug-ins, SEO, widgets…..

So what’s been happening in my world?


I’ve joined a walking group and from being an old unfit couch potato, I can easily manage six or seven miles in one go.  I even did the Walk the Wight charity walk last year, when I walked an amazing 15 miles, the most I’ve ever done!

I’ve also joined a community choir –  I’ve no idea why I thought this would be a good thing to do, but its not far to go, I like reading music and meeting new people.  There was no audition, and I like singing in harmony, although I haven’t done that since I was at school, back in the day.  This week we started to learn “Hallelujah” which is quite a challenge!

printed musical note page

Photo by Pixabay on

I’ve bought a new computer – a very lovely iMac desktop, to go with my iPhone and iPad.  I love them all…..

I’ve entered some short story competitions.  Although non-fiction is my preferred choice, I’ve been dabbling.  One story was short-listed as a finalist, so this spurred me on to write another, which I’ve just sent off.  I also had a letter published in ‘Writing’ magazine, which I subscribe to every month.

person hands woman pen

Photo by on

I’ve not been taking so many photos recently.  The light in Greece was so amazing, they made everything look good.


Our yacht Fandancer in Greece

So coming back to England, my photos are looking a bit grey and dreary.  But I’m checking out photo editing programs for my new iMac, so if you can recommend anything, please let me know.  I used to be a regular contributor to some WordPress photo challenges, but I’ve not participated for ages.  Maybe I’ll start again soon…..

See you all next time!

8 thoughts on “Thanks to you, I’m still blogging!

  1. I’m happy you are still blogging. I missed your posts. I have had to let me wordpress blog go but have a new one on blogger ( ) if you are interested. WordPress was giving me problems with the latest upgrade and after much hair pulling – I cancelled it. I’m sad as I am unable to get my following back on the new one and I can’t comment on all the nice blogs on wordpress that I follow.

    Happy New Year & Happy blogging.



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  2. You must have a considerable library of photographs from Greece. It would be lovely to see some of them on this blog from time to time.
    I’m planning a fortnight in Greece again this year, one week near Olympia and one week in Nafplio. I hope you will still be visiting Greece, even though you’re no longer sailing there.


  3. You don’t have to travel to blog! There’s enough stuff of interest on the Isle of Wight to keep you in posts for quite a while. And, I,m sure you’re not confined to the place??


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