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I’m sprightly 60 years old (I agree, I don’t look it…) and married to Tim, for most of the year we live on our yacht in Greece. Yes, it’s tough, but someone’s got to do it Believe me, it IS tough sometimes – who likes carrying pots of water in 30degC heat to fill up the tanks, or walk a mile to find a crazy Greek minimarket for a pint of milk, or wash their clothes in a bucket?

In the winter we come back to the UK so I can see my precious grandchildren, undergo some retail therapy and eat lots of good old British roast dinners.

I enjoy photography, and writing the occasional article for magazines.


About our yacht…..

imageOur yacht is a 40ft ketch (two masts) called Fandancer.  We have owned her for 5 years, she was built in 1973 in Canada, by renowned designers Sparkman & Stevens, so she has a good pedigree.  When we bought her, she was a wreck.  My husband has renovated her single-handedly, renewing everything – including engine, water tanks and piping, electrical system, new windlass, anchor and chain. He has built a new swim platform, renewed showers and toilets, installed new LED lighting.

When she was seaworthy, we left the UK and sailed Fandancer to Greece!



98 thoughts on “About Georgie Moon…..

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  2. Hi Georgie Moon, I saw a comment you made on Travelrat’s blog and noticed the Isle of Wight connection. I too, live on the island, and until early this year I was a professional travel writer (retired to spend more time with friends but still available for interesting commissions). I like your images and I’m now following your blog.


    • Thanks for the follow! I tried to look at your blog but it won’t open. It would be nice to know more about you! Being a professional travel writer sounds like my dream job!


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  5. What a pleasant life. Were it not for the fact my wife is allergic both to boats and anywhere outside the M25 I would be very tempted to give it a go. I think I would name my boat Sea Hermit. More comfortable than being a stylite.


    • Thank you for finding my little blog, and for interesting comments. I am enjoying your greek references and I must admit I had to research ‘stylite’ as I am not so hot on posh words. The husband did not know either. I will now endeavour to use it when I can, but I have no intention of ever sitting on a tall pole for long periods…… I definitely think you need to try some Greek island Sailing…..

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