Artemis, our boat cat

We found Artemis when she was a kitten, stuck under the engine of a truck.

This was in a harbour town in Greece, where we had moored our yacht, Fandancer.

This is what she looked like after we took her back to our boat, and cleaned her up….


Rescued, and washed!

This is what she looks like now….


Artemis, the luckiest cat in Greece

In between these photos, she has had lots of adventures!

She has been featured twice in a cat magazine….


Artemis in Your Cat magazine, May 2015


….. and she has been interviewed by another boat cat called Bailey, and appeared on their blog – Amazing Artemis.

Artemis even has her own Facebook page, and she would love you to have a look!


Artemis loves to be on our yacht and watch the world go by…

Read the latest news about Artemis on this recent blog post.

…and now she’s even got her photo on a great cat blog for Tummy Rub Tuesday.