State of mind….

Weekly photo challenge.

Inspired by this week’s photo challenge – State of Mind, I chose this photograph to reflect how I was feeling when I took it…..

Let me tell you a bit about it.


I read somewhere that your mood reflects the photos you take.   In my case, if I am in a bad mood, a bit grumpy, or feeling sad, I rarely feel like taking photos.    In this case, I was feeling a bit lonely.    I live on a yacht with my husband and we sail round the Greek islands.   He is definitely an owl, and sleeps in late, but is awake late into the night.  Whereas I think I am more of a lark – I like to go to bed early, and always wake early.   I usually find myself getting up and about early before he is awake.    I find this a bit lonely – I would like him to be with me, so we can experience some lovely early morning walks ashore, and see some lovely views together.  I often see the sunrise from the deck of our yacht, but I don’t think he has ever seen it!

On this occasion we were moored in the harbour at Messalonghi, a Greek town situated in the Gulf of Patras.  Largely unknown to anyone who doesn’t own a boat, it is approached by a two-mile long narrow channel with shallow lagoons either side.  It is a very pretty approach, with lots of fishermens’ huts on stilts, fishing nets hung on posts, and lots of sea birds.


One morning I got up early as usual, and went for a walk around the immediate area near where the boat was moored.  The actual town was some distance away, but there was lots to see nearby, with the many lagoons and fishing boats.    I felt a bit sad and lonely as I walked around, I was feeling homesick, I missed my family, I’d had enough of the boat and needed to be somewhere not so remote.


I think the quietness of the water, and the single lonely boat, did reflect my State of Mind that day.