A few days late, but I’ve made it to Z……..

I don’t like giving up on things.  I’ve been doing the April A to Z challenge where every day we are required to write a post starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet.  I started with a post about Artemis, the luckiest cat in Greece.  I wrote about dinghies and quad bikes.  I wrote about many Greek Islands that we’ve sailed to on our yacht Fandancer.  I even wrote about having to wash my knickers in a bucket.   But I fell at the very last hurdle and never wrote a post for Z……. Continue reading

X – how many words start with X?

Thanks to the fabulous attic sister who gave me the idea for my contribution in the A to Z challenge.  Do go and look at her blog, it’s full of lots of snippets of life on a ranch, antiques, animals, writing and photography.  She has a vast knowledge of all things Greek and has been a loyal follower of my recent posts about Greece.  She suggested a word for me starting with ‘X’ ……. Xanthos!

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