Freshly Pressed – what does it mean?

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Third time Lucky…..why?

31 Day Blog Challenge – “the meaning of my business name”.

I guess this means why did you choose the name of your blog? It’s not a business blog. I don’t want to run a business from my blog! I don’t want to sell cosmetics, or knitted pixies. I don’t give advice on how to get 10,000 followers in ten minutes, I don’t tell anyone on how to look good in skinny jeans. It’s just a little old blog that Continue reading

10 days to a better Blog Post Title….

After closely inspecting lists of blog ideas you have downloaded from Pinterest (other websites are available), you have finally chosen what to write about.  Next, apparently you can write a title which will attract 50% more visitors!

There’s a fab website called Title Generator which you simply must play with, even if you don’t need it for a blog post.   You type in any word at all, then tick whether it is a noun or verb, and it will produce hundreds of titles!   I typed in ‘drive’ – and this is just a fraction of what the site produced –

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