Why it is important to like, and comment on, other blogs….

Last week I wrote about how during the April A to Z challenge I didn’t receive many likes or comments on my posts, despite putting a lot of effort into writing them.   To my surprise, many kind bloggers came to my rescue, and suggested ways in which I might improve my blogging.  The main point they made, was whether I was making comments on other people’s blogs.   Continue reading

Seriously, how many views, likes and comments do you get?

I’m seriously thinking I need to make some radical changes to my blog.   It’s really not working, is it?  I know that us small time bloggers aren’t bothered about the stats, we’re not wanting to earn any money or sell anything.  But to get just 11 views on one day is a bit disheartening…… Continue reading

Leave a Link and I’ll Reblog Your Page!

It’s a fairly quiet Sunday in the blogging world, so I thought I’d try this idea of leaving a link to reblog your post. Why don’t you have a go?

Dream Big, Dream Often


The are only 2 simple rules to get your post reblogged on my page:

(Click here to) leave me a link in the comments 


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