Black and white challenge…

Cee’s black and white challenge has the topic of cars, trucks and motorcycles this week.  I think some photos look amazing in black and white…… Continue reading

A cat who loves her food….

A fellow blogger requested more cat photos –

so here’s one of Artemis, our boat cat, helping to clear out the locker.  I’ve cunningly used it for a photo challenge at the same time – clever, huh?

Red-Violet is today’s colour for the Crayola challenge.

It’s been variations of red all this week.   Do you know how difficult it is to distinguish between brick red, radical red, scarlet?   Now we are on to red violet, and I found this photo of my cat sitting amongst a pile of cat food in red violet packets …… Continue reading

It’s a cat’s life …..

Miaow!   It’s Artemis here, the Luckiest Cat in Greece.  at least that’s what my servants call me.   The Luckiest Servants Ever – that’s what they should be called….


My proper home is on the servants’ yacht, a fabulous boat called Fandancer.  However, they have Continue reading