Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – arches and domes

I’m a bit behind with my  big fat Greek adventure  so while I gather my thoughts, I thought I’d participate in this regular Fun Foto Challenge, the topic this time is arches, domes, half-circles.

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Busy, or people working……CFFC

My contribution for  Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, with the topic of ‘busy, or people working’, inspired me to show you how busy my husband has been recently, while he has been renovating the kitchen.   It’s been a labour of love.  He has been working almost seven days a week for several months….. Continue reading

Alone on the water…..

The topic for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is Alone.

  • All of my photos seem to involve water of some sort, namely the sea!  That’s not surprising really, as I spend half my time on a yacht on the sea.  Also, the sea is a great place to be alone.  There’s nothing better than being the only boat in a quiet bay, or sailing with no other vessels in sight……. Continue reading