Crayola sunset orange

Today’s Crayola challenge colouris SUNSET ORANGE.


I think this colour contains too much red for a sunset, what do you think?   So I’ve chosen some alternative photos to illustrate sunset orange…..

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Comments, sarcasm and an old door…

Well. Yesterday was an an interesting day, blog wise. I had the most views and comments for ages. It was probably partly due to the Commenting Bootcamp tasks where we have been finding new blogs on which to make comments, both agreeing and disagreeing. So thank you, fellow bloggers, for that, and keep up the good work.


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Are you addicted?

Oh my goodness, I’m addicted. To blogging.

I’ve given myself a stiff neck and a numb rear end.  I’ve been working on my blog since 9am this morning, it’s now almost 2pm. A shame I’m not even getting paid for it!

First of all, I received the first assignment for my new new WordPress course.  It’s all about commenting on other’s blogs, and the first assignment was Continue reading