Food photography and fridge contents…..

Only three more sleeps then I’ll be back in Greece Monday evening. I need to start using up the contents of my fridge and freezer. We’ll be back here in October, after we’ve put our yacht Fandancer to bed in the boatyard, but I don’t want to come back to furry green vegetables or inedible cheese.

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Hillier Gardens – plants, flowers, and sculpture everywhere!

This week I visited the Harold Hillier Gardens  near Romsey.  I’ve never visited this lovely place before, even though it is less than ten minutes by car from me.
The 180 acre gardens were established in 1953 by the distinguished plantsman Sir Harold Hillier. They currently hold one of the world’s most important plant collections with over 42,000 plants from temperate regions around the world.

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I’m doing that procrastinating thing again…..episode 2

I’m at it again.  It must be an ingrained habit.  It can’t help myself.  I’m the Master or Mistress) of Procrastination…..

I’ve only got five days left until I finish my English interlude and return to our boat in Greece.   I thought I should get myself organised, so yesterday, after a good nights sleep, I leapt out of bed at 8am, and wrote myself a list of things I must do…

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