Facebook – what comes up on your feed?


Ok, is there anyone who isn’t on Facebook?

How regularly do you check your page?

What sort of things come up on your news feed?

I thought I would have a look at the strange mix of things that have appeared on my page during the course of a day.,

I’m writing here about my personal Facebook page, not the one linked to my blog.   If you want to join me in my personal daily wanderings through my Facebook journey, join me at http://facebook.com/georgina.moon1

Firstly, I belong to several photographic groups, so I get notifications whenever someone likes or comments on one of my pictures.


Greek fishing boat

I have lots of posts from the group We’re Mad About Greece and the Greek Language.


Greek beer on the beach

I belong to several sailing groups, so there are always lots of comments and photos to look at.

For example, on the site Women who Sail, people are asking for advice on anchorages, marinas, where to buy certain equipment, pets on board, sailing qualifications, galley equipment. Largely USA women.

Silversurfers is a Facebook page dedicated to more ‘mature’ folk. Old photos, reference to old tv progs, music, cartoons, funny sayings.



Things our mother taught us…

Some writing groups offer hints and tips. This is a good website for writers –

An Instructional video also appeared on my Facebook feed, showing how to tie a bowline knot –


The Daily Mail news page appears regularly, showing news headlines, but mostly celebrity gossip, royal family on holiday, Kim Kardashian posing naked. I really must change my reading habits!

Woman’s Own magazine page – asking for comments on the dresses of bride and bridesmaids worn at wedding of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall. Other similar magazines I follow offer Easter recipes and new season’s fashion.


Bridesmaids’ dresses at Jerry Hall wedding

My cat, Artemis, has her own Facebook page, so I check for comments and might post a new photo.


Artemis, our boat cat

Lots of blogs I follow often link their new posts to Facebook.
Here are some Facebook pages I have looked at today…

One of my favourite websites, a family with three toddlers living on a yacht in the Caribbean.

A family who move around the world due to husband’s job, and difficulties encountered by the wives.

Nice little blog about a stay at home dad looking after three kids

Mostly a travel blog written by two fabulous ladies.

A site based on my local town, showing very old photos of local places.


Apparently, I have ‘liked’ 444 Facebook pages, I really must do some deleting!