Headscarf, goggles and a scraper…

Scraping the bottom


Facebook is responsible for a multitude of my sins – procrastination, gossip and reflection.   But occasionally I find Facebook useful for reminders of what we were doing on the same day, in years gone by.


On my Facebook timeline yesterday, I was told that exactly six years ago we were living on Fandancer in the boatyard in Gosport, renovating and restoring her to within an inch of her life.   It would be another 16 months before we were ready to launch her and sail off into the sunset….

To celebrate my sixth anniversary of bottom scraping, here’s some more photos…. Continue reading

The countdown has begun….

21 days to go….


Number 38


In 21 days’ time we will no longer be living in this lovely rented cottage.

We are building up to our return to our yacht Fandancer in Greece.  So we have started to make plans for our departure from the UK.


Tim is returning to Greece tonight.  He plans to do two weeks’ work on the boat and get her ready to put back in the water.

He is then coming back briefly, to help me pack up our belongings,  move them to a storage facility, clean the house from top to bottom, and park the car somewhere until we return.   We will then both return to Greece together very early on 25th. This is the only problem with our lifestyle – we don’t own a house, so whenever we come back to the UK we have to stay with friends or rent a property.



Today we have arranged to leave our old car in the corner of the car park of the pub next door. Result!  Now all we need is some space to leave our belongings.   Or, as my husband would argue, MY belongings, as of course he can carry his whole life in one bag, and has no need for more than one pair of shoes or more than one jacket. He’s not interested in bedding, towels, photographs, kitchen utensils or sewing machines.   So when we pack up our things, 99% of it will be mine.


His luggage tonight will consist mostly of boat related equipment – spare parts he has bought such as LED lights, a bilge pump, spare washers and seals, engine parts and outboard motor parts which I cannot name……  Bizarrely he has paid to take luggage on the plane but is convinced he only needs a small bag.

 “I never use my whole luggage allowance” – said no woman, ever…..




10 items to take back to the yacht…

In around six weeks’ time we will be back on our yacht Fandancer, in Greece, and planning this summer’s sailing trip.

I’m already thinking ahead about what items I will take back to the boat.   I don’t mean things like clothes and shoes, as I will be leaving all my winter wardrobe behind.   I’m looking forward to wearing no socks or shoes, no thick sweaters, no jeans, no coat.    We mostly live in shorts and tee shirts, and flip flops.  Or swimming costumes.   I quite like just wrapping myself in a sarong. Continue reading