24 facts you absolutely need to know…..

It’s a very hot and sultry day in Greece.  I’m supposed to be looking for a camera lead so I can transfer photos from my big digital camera to my iPad, but it’s disappeared.  So while I’m thinking where to look next, I had a quick glance at the blogging world and came across a great idea, where you are posed a number of personal questions which you have to answer.  A great idea for a blog post, until I think of something better!  So here’s my answers to the questions….. Continue reading

How difficult is it to learn English?

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Fifty things you need to know….

I read Netdancer’s blog earlier, and learnt some new things about her!    She had answered 50 questions about herself, and I thought I would cheekily copy the questions, and have a go at answering them myself…….

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