Writing for magazines and websites.


I’m happy to report that this month I have had more success in my freelance writing career.   I still can’t believe that magazines and websites want to publish things that I have actually written, and pay me for it!    This just goes to show that if I can do it, then you can too.



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Writing, editors and agents…

Day 4 – Identify your audience

For the blogging task today, we have been asked to identify our audience.   Now, I have several possible audiences, including like-minded sailing enthusiasts, the slightly crazy people who live aboard boats, the over 50s, people who like the Greek islands, cat lovers, amateur cooks, sewing and craft hobbyists.

But the audience I would like to target today are people who are interested in freelance writing – maybe you are a writer too, or have had something published, or just have lots of ideas that one day you will put down on paper or screen.

I would particularly like to target magazine editors – do you need an enthusiastic freelance writer?   I am passionate about writing, I am excellent at meeting deadlines and following guidelines.   I like to write about sailing and living aboard a yacht.   However, I would like to branch out and write about related topics, such as the differences between life aboard and life on land, what I miss most when we are sailing abroad, cooking on board, how to cope with homesickness, what my family at home think of my lifestyle.   I would also like to write about the locations we have visited by yacht, including France, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy, and 42 Greek islands. We often leave the boat and go exploring for a day, maybe a stroll around a town, a country walk, or a drive into the mountains to find little villages and meet the local people.   I have already had about a dozen articles with my own photographs published in the three main UK sailing magazines and can provide copies of these articles if requested.

Literary agents – would you be interested in a non-fiction book which I am writing?  I have kept notes on our journeys, from when we first bought our yacht as a wreck over five years ago, the renovation process, the re-launch and the sail to Greece, recording where we visited on the way.   I am writing it as a series of short chapters, in chronological order, using a conversational style with bursts of humour.  I can provide sample chapters on request.

Other bloggers –  have you considered asking a guest blogger to contribute to your site? Have a look at my other blog posts to see the sort of thing I have written.